Burglar alarm repairs

Alarm control panel

AEW offers a comprehensive repairs  service that suits your needs and budget.

Most existing alarms can be repaired but if you just want a quote then get in touch.

alarm battery

The most common  reports I get is that during a power cut the alarm activates. This is not meant to happen and indicates the battery is faulty plus the control panel is also a battery charger so this needs to be checked.


Q.  Is there a charge for me calling you out.

A.  No if it is agreed that you want a quote then this can be done but sometimes I can give you a cost to repair on this visit so the decision is yours if you wish to go ahead.

Q.  What if I just wanted you to reset the control panel and create a new user code would I be charged for this.

A. Well yes there would be a call-out charge for this service

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