Intruder Burglar Alarms Edinburgh

With over 30 years experience if anybody can get your alarm up and working it is AEW Electrical Andy White or you don’t pay.

You may have an existing alarm that either needs repaired / modified or upgraded. If so get in touch for a free survey and quote.


You may have a system that needs brought back into service after being ignored or neglected due to financial constraints or you may have sold your property and need to get the system operational before you move . Most systems can be made operational again but a minority may have issues due to the control panel battery  it can damage the charger facility on the control panel.


Your system may have given good service and with alarm technology progressing leaps and bounds over the past 20 years then you may feel its time for it to be brought up to the current standard that suits your needs. Also this can be cost effective as new equipment can be fitted on to existing wiring.


You may be selling your property or just moved house and you do not have a user manual  for your system so if you require one please get in touch and if possible supply me with the make and model of the control panel ie Optima Compact and I will email you a copy free of charge.

Lost alarm code

You may have forgotten or lost the user code for your system or you have  just purchased the property and not have been supplied with one. If this is the case then there is a good chance a new user code can be created.

Home insurance

Be careful when renewing your home insurance you may be asked if your system is being serviced under a maintenance contract and if you answer yes to this when you do not have a contract then your policy could become null and void.Please read more on my Blog page

Service Maintenance contract

AEW does not offer this service as the majority of my customers prefer to call me if and when required but don’t let this put you off. If you feel you would like the security and support from a bigger company then shop around for a deal that suits you.


Q. What if I just need a user manual and what is the cost.

A. No problem tell me the make and model or send me a picture if your not sure and I will send you an electronic copy free of charge.

Q. What if you cannot get my system to work will I be charged.

A. No if I cannot get it working I will send you a quote to update

Q. Update does that mean a whole new system.

A. No if the sensing devices and wiring is ok then you may just need a new panel , battery and sounder. I call this a front end replacement.