Euro lock upgrades

Euro lock upgrades Edinburgh

Due to requests from customers AEW has now added the service of upgrading the standard Euro cylinder locks. These are rated to the  higher British Standard T007-3 anti snap, anti bump, anti pick, anti drill  Euro lock.

So what is the difference between the 2 locks

The standard Euro lock is susceptible to what is known as lock snapping or bumping .Alarmingly the speed and ease in the way these locks are defeated  by the intruder can cause concern to the home owner.

Snapped lock detail

For security reasons I will not go into detail on the methods but the picture on the right demonstrates what can be done.

High security euro lock

The high security locks are more robust and are designed not to snap or be key bumped ,drilled or  picked. Even if they are damaged you can still use the lock from the inside.

High security euro keys

As you can see these keys are different from the standard Euro key . They are a  higher standard and  are not easy to copy as you must supply a owners card to a key cutting service.

How many keys come with the lock

3 keys come with the lock but if you require more then it would be prudent to get them when the lock is fitted. This can work out a third of the cost of some high street key cutting shops charge.

Why are you offering this service

Things are changing with regards to house break ins where intruders have changed their tactics and their methods. So its no good trying to do the same old thing you have to get more proactive. Upgrading the locks in my view are another good obstacle  that forces the intruder to think again and to try elsewhere where there is less resistance.

Check this video out and click full screen